Sunday, 29 November 2009

Keep Calm

"keep calm and carry on"

i immediately felt better. i did some research and found out that in 1939 the British Government's Ministry of Information commissioned a series of propaganda posters to be displayed throughout the country upon the outbreak of war, yet the sign i read was in Melbourne and this was 2009. this particular poster was never issued and was never seen by the general public.

its possible a person called Mark Coop is responsible for this posters revival and the message has found its way to the other side of the world. impressive.

to face adversity is nothing new. a sign, a helping hand, a smile, such little things can make a huge difference. i'm back in England now, it's raining and it's dark in the middle of the day, at home i look at my copy of the sign and i'm reminded of the people who came before me and how much of life is not about what we face each day, but about how we face those challenges. with the right attitude there's very little that can't be done.

Mark Coop is selling high quality screen prints of this sign from his site online.

click on the post title to visit the online shop or click here