Sunday, 28 June 2009

"chip and run with the sandwich,"
says the television commentator, golf jargon i believe, so i wandered to the loo and one of those motion sensor fragrance machines activates like a burglar alarm in a bank robbery movie, this time it fills my face with 'pine forest'. when you're sat down and you look at your cup on the coffee table, reach over and there's no tea left when you thought there was, it's awful in't it? when did i drink that?
"i quite enjoy Bernard Langer in a bunker"
confesses the television, when you're sat down and you look at your cup on the coffee table, eyes full of wonder, reach over and there's half a cup of tea left when you thought there wasn't, it's fantastic in't it? half a cup left, great.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Wakefield skatepark

Wakefield skatepark: it's brilliant. it isn't full of huge over-facing ramps that would scare away a rottweiler, it has got all the little idiosyncrasies that make a fantastic skatepark. micro ramps for learning tricks, spines, extensions, transfers and a three section bowl for those with more skills. after several visits i'm still finding new lines. this park raises the bar for skatepark standards in England, just as Penzance and Saffron Walden do. the park gets quite busy with younger people from about 15.40 to 19.00 and also at the weekends, but the park has a great atmosphere, a pleasant change from Hyde Park skatepark in Leeds. thanks to Wakefield council Yorkshire now has a skatepark to be proud of. "abat time too!"

Penzance skatepark, Cornwall

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


We know beauty because there is ugly.
We know good because there is evil.
Being and not being,
having and not having,
create each other.

Difficult and easy,
long and short,
high and low,
define each other,
just as before and after follow each other.

The dialectic of sound
gives voice to music,
always transforming "is" from "was"
as the ancestors of "to be".

The wise teach without telling,
allow without commanding,
have without possessing,
care without claiming.

In this way we harvest eternal importance
because we never announce it.

(Lao Tsu)

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Eardrums, terminated

afterwards the unapologetic cinema manager used a pen and paper to illustrate that this is "as the director intended" as i staggered around blind deaf in fear of airborne terminator attack. apparently to have it any quieter would spoil the dialogue, which would then spoil the film for everyone. i find this ironic with a film where not hearing the dialogue would make little difference. 'Terminator: salvation' is a story about the fight for survival after judgement day and arguably a post-apocalyptic world may not be a pleasant and comfortable experience, but people don't go to see 'Rocky' to get punched in the head.

i've had ringing in my ears for about 5 years now as a result of only a few hours prolonged exposure to high frequency noise (a pretty good description of Terminator 4). i will never in my waking life hear silence again. it's something i wouldn't wish for anyone, and certainly not something i would choose to pay for at the cinema. take care of your hearing.

Monday, 1 June 2009


photography by Liam Raby