Monday, 26 April 2010

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Friday, 23 April 2010

The Election

I believe there needs to be a reduction in the price of kettles, a huge multi-million pound subsidy to lower the price of milk and that tea should be free. Scrap the Trident Missile Program so that everyone in the United Kingdom can drink free tea for the next 100 years. After that, we can move on from there. A unilateral complimentary biscuit program perhaps, or, at the weekends free cake.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Debate

If you are eligible to vote, you are obligated to watch this: the first ever televised debate between politicians during an election in British history. Every single vote is incredibly important, choose wisely, our country deserves your care and attention in choosing the political and economic direction for our future.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

not bad, can't complain

if you accept a sad existence then buy it, take it home for the rest of your life and don't complain. i'm sick to death of hearing complaint from people, myself especially. if i start complaining just punch me in the face, i'm serious and it's ok i have a strong face.

there is no difference between me, between you or between any other being on this planet. the only differences between us are in our attitudes.

it's naive to think that we can't save the world. but it is naive to think you can do it by yourself. it is naive to think you can do it in a year. it's naive to think you can do it with an e-mail, with a blog, a website, a phone call or a text message. it's naive to think you can do it with money, or with power. it's down right stupid to think you're going do it buying a fair-trade banana.
How do we save the world?

Who is going to defend us? What is going to defend us? What do we need defending from?

nations carry bombs and soldiers carry rifles, but who is going to defend you, and defend me against the ignorance and against the apathy in this world. pens, books and teachers are the revolution. women and men with their heads held high are the revolutionaries. people proud to be alive are the new future. magnificent human beings ARE.
people who have figured all this out years ago walk along every street, everyday.
life is magical and wonderful, fight for your life and then tell me that i'm wrong.

don't pity, don't hate and stop complaining.

this, this world you live in is your home, whether you walk in the street or another continent. if you see some rubbish on the floor, then why don't YOU pick it up. be an agent of positive change instead of a child in the back seat of social destruction.
never be too busy to help somebody, cause if you fall over, don't expect anybody to be there to pick you up.