Sunday, 31 August 2008


Left: Me, a long pointy ledge, bluntslide. Photo by Lee with a Hassleblad death lens (ultra fish-eye) the Rolls Royce of camera setups. Cheers Lee, summat to show the kids when im old, can't walk, and can bluntslide no more... my feet can fail me now.!..

I also spent some time in Cambridge. Barrington and Shepreth to be specific, the type of place where it feels like the "Wind in the Willows" as if transported back to a time surrounded by thatched roofs, odd shaped ornately decorated houses and shops, winding roads and... well... rich people. Perhaps the type that truly are rich. Not, "Im rich mate!" bought a small sports car, a boob job for the Mrs, got "loud and in peoples face rich." Rich like a country cottage, spandex cycling on a sunday, kids in the private school, two cars in the pebbled lane, fresh skate on the barby, out in San Morino on a roulette binge, trying not to cringe as they tow the Bentley away at 6am.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Garlic mushrooms. Then cucumber chunks, oven roast red sweet peppers, topped with grilled soft goats cheese and a glass of red wine. good eating. perfect after a northern solfest festival.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Welcome home /= drone

Well, 1000miles driven, 750 over two days. working my ass off for other people, at times made to look like a fool, to come home after a week, have less money than ever, a parking ticket for parking outside my own house and two letters:
1. electricity bill,
2. the police vs william johnson
arrrrrrrr!!!!! i can't stand all this bullshit, working harder and harder to owe more and more money. let's all just get jobs in factories making boxes, to hold the books university students don't read because they're out getting pissed, so that everybody can be equal, paying 80% tax on their drinks that finances the widescreen TV in the police station and the video camera on the ceiling which can incriminate me, but which won't exonerate.
when all hope is lost and people give up their passions and stop trying to save the world, what happens? I believe most just drown in apathy, and become the things they always dreamed of never being. subservient, suppressed and accommodating:
"now is not the time for the debilitating drug of gradualism" martin luther king
its not society, its not us, its not: "well that's just the way the world is"
when a person believes in an order from someone without question, they are capable of anything, they are no longer a human being with morals, but a tool in another person's hand. recollect the royal navy advertisement:
"Who wants to become a cog in the machine? Well, that depends on the machine!"
the royal navy doesn't save people, they kill people. the army, the airforce, the military: KILL people. the royal lifeboats save people, cancer research saves people, actionaid save people, these organisations are all charities, they receive nothing from the government, but everything from us, the people. the military receives without question, to finance murder and death. a bullet is still a bullet, whether from a soldier or from a gangster, a gangster merely has less members and less money.
murder, rape, missing, crash, death, fear, hate. SORRY bullshit. its not my world, it has nothing to do with me. another soldier dies: so fucking what? how many orphans did he create? fathers did he murder, wives widow. im sick of this blind patriotism. soldiers die because they run around with guns in someone elses land, trying to save the world, BECAUSE someone TOLD them to. safe- to keep from harm. gun- a weapon designed to wound and kill people. only non-violence matters, it is the only credibility.
the news, the media, is a sedative, to steal my righteous mind.
beauty, liberation, birth, sunrise, emancipation, love. this is real, as real as my dreams, which are as real as day to day life. i'm not trying to be a revolutionary, asking you to go on strike shouting injustice, but a person asking people to try and find the truth. life isn't horrible. it is no more full of death and destruction than its full of life and creation.
what is a knife? a knife is a tool. it becomes a weapon when used as one, the same as a bat or a hammer. if YOU and me keep absorbing all this hate and lies, you could become a weapon in someone elses hand. like your mind, keep your knife sharp, it cuts vegetables better and seals in freshness. instead of reading the newspaper, KNOWING its all bullshit but reading it anyway- Don't pick it up. please, write blogs, books, draw pictures, make photos, videos. its never been easier:
"page 1: it was raining today. in the afternoon it cleared up. my yorkshire weather, like teenage emotion changes so fast, but is never boring or predictable and always leaves something to talk about."

Monday, 18 August 2008

Unity Day 2008

All over for another year. Overall a good day in my opinion. However, things worth noting:
1. people will be people, assaults, random violence, thievery, may have happened but to very few people.
2. huge, endless amounts of rubbish covered the entire park at the end, the park was pretty clean even at 4pm during the same day.
3. too much amplified music in my opinion, leaving 4 sound systems to seemingly battle each other for volume after night fall in the top field, in what appeared to me, and others to simply resemble a free-for-all rave in the park.
4. exterior generator tripped out several times leaving exterior lighting all round the park switched off for long periods of time during the night.
5. unity day finished at 11pm, two years ago it finished at 9pm, before it got dark, giving people and families more opportunity to leave before nightfall, and less opportunity to get up to no good or become victims of mayhem.
1. halve the amplified music.
2. finish the festival BEFORE nightfall.
3. more litter points.
4. more acoustic music, amplified or otherwise: IDM and Gabba DO NOT promote peace and unity, sorry, they don't and i love them both.
finally to say a very well done to everyone involved in helping with the event, you know who you are, and all those who attended, or contributed in any part. its a positive thing. my photos will be online soon. also thanks to all high vis officials who all seemed to be working hard.
will j.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Unity Day 16th August and my birthday.

To celebrate my birthday there will be a large event in Hyde Park Leeds tomorrow known as Unity Day. Gifts of all shapes and sizes are accepted but my no means mandatory. Bring some quids and a smile, it's a great event for a great cause. live music, fresh food and plenty of information about great activities in and around leeds.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Monday, 11 August 2008

Don't you Know?

Don't you know that i know nothing? The sooner you realise this about yourself, the better. The more i learn, the more i learn there's so much more i don't know about so many more things.
As i know this, a great peace and security i feel, about how fortunate i am, as we all are. like if i'd taken the route i normally take back home this morning, at the exact same time, exactly in front of a moving blue car i would have been. i chose not to, but to use the pavement not the road. For the people who don't believe in fate, because they don't like the idea that they are not in control of their lives, is perhaps to believe in themselves above the greater power of life, the universe, and everything.
perhaps i might suggest that this is egocentric....

Saturday, 9 August 2008


Big enough to be ignored, small enough to be recognised

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Dear Diary

Today i left my flat, its raining, put the skateboard back. go out bump into my skateboard friend Ralf after buying a beer, walking back up the stairs,
"Hi i'm Will"
"Hi i'm bob, are you new."
"Well been here a year!"
"Ah seen you before"
it only took one year and a month, now i think i've said hello to everybody who lives in my building. cool. 5 people, within 30ft, after 13 months now i know who shares my outer door. i find stuff like this interesting :)

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Poor people are crazy. Rich people are eccentric. success becomes the measure of all things, and compassion a measure of none.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Morgan Freeman

My thoughts and feelings go out to Morgan Freeman who was involved in a serious car crash last night (left shown as god,) where the vehicle flipped over several times before ending up in a ditch in Memphis Mississippi, USA. and who is now making a good recovery- 8.57am.


When everything goes wrong, or seems to be, what do you do? accept the world is this sort of place? accept it as karmic consequences, fight harder. i don't know, apathy and nialism seem to be appropriate to me, but i don't believe in either.
get the hell out of dodge? i tried that already...things got worse.
Buddhists call this world we live in samsara, an unreal world where we are all victims to an uncontrollable roller coaster of events and emotions. when bad things happen to good people, repeatedly, and at will, what other explanation is there?

Friday, 1 August 2008

A Dark Night, A Dark morning: Film review: "The Dark Knight"

Will Johnson Film review:

"Im a geek, a right geek!"
i say to John sat next to me:
well geeks know what they like, and usually know what they are talking about. Christopher Nolan directs this cast with familiar actors to him and the world. The cream of the cream in my opinion. Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Micheal Caine, Morgan Freeman and Heath Ledger. This film is fantastic, on every level. so was director Nolan's first film "Following" compelling, involving and dramatic. "The Prestige" about the war between two magicians in the time of Nicolas Tesla is cinema magic.
Crisp special effects, the greatest actors of our time working with one of the greatest directors. To quote the film:
"better to die a hero than live to be a villain"
Heath Ledger died during the filming, he played the joker in the film. His portrayal is horrifying, but at the same time delicate like a Coen brothers script. His final film is a tribute to a hero, and inspiration to us all. like Bruce Lee, Buddy Holly, JFK, John Lennon or any hero this century he becomes one of mine.
Ok, it cost £6.80 to get in to the cinema. it was worth it.

so onto this morning: if anybody feels like giving ANY member of british railways services a horrible day, feel free to do it, then to blame it on me, ill be happy to take the wrap. my empathy goes out to anyone trying to use UK trains, past present and future. buy a punch bag, do some origami, but don't punch the fat guy telling you you cant catch your train because he says so! (you were afraid fat man i saw it in your eyes....welcome to august)

providing i dont get blown up by terrorists or knifed by any combination of 300-490,000 youths with knifes, i would say london here i come, straight in straight out. they say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but what about hyperbole?

yeah its thundering and lightening here, needs it cos its well humid.