Thursday, 25 September 2008

the seams

In Toronto a guy said to me, "ah yes, i know Yorkshire. it's a good place to be from"
there's no inspiration here, thoughts and feelings are locked up, and ANY strange behavior, flair or flamboyance is looked down on. in 5 years or so when there's much more students the divide is going to get more severe: "us and the students" a 'we belong here and you lot don't' mentality, which is fair enough. i agree, generally students move in, f*ck everything up, then leave. but it's now government policy that every young person should be one. in the name of equality and P.C. everything has become absolutely insane. unlivable. while the last generation fights hard to save it, the next to destroy, us here an now should not waste our energy when it's strongest. the rest of the world need our talents, this little island doesn't.
whats the solution? well what about more advanced countries, Greece or Finland for example. In Greece university is free and so are the course books and material. In Finland they teach the children several languages instead of xenophobia. In Switzerland EVERY civilian is legally obliged to own 1 rifle per household. This rifle must be operational and every resident should know how to shoot it. In China everyone gets up on a saturday or sunday morning, goes to the local park and practices Tai Chi. In Australia they know how to play rugby and cricket, instead of just inventing it, then importing players to compensate as kids are indoors, too lazy too bored.
somethings are more important than politics, and since when was our politics been correct? 1910 just before WW1 when everyone was lovin' it get smashed out their faces on high quality unprohibited legal substances. smash it up, tidy up, cctv for your safety and protection...i feel safer that you were watching when i got a beating on the train, now i feel safer in the NHS hospital that tragically, is free. Perhaps it's time for a dictator? A dictator to dictate while i write down everything we need to do on an electronic piece of paper, which can then be viewed or ignored by the general public worldwide.
England has been sliding down the plughole for decades, like a spider, it's just not going to get out. it should be used as a precautionary model, like the 'titanic'
i live here because right now i have no choice. if you own a place give us a lift, otherwise when there's more than £1 in my bank accounts i'm gone when the wind changes.
such conversations help us both, and in turn everyone else. without pubs and community they're lost, in turn so are we. most people really don't like hearing certain things, and absolutely:
absolutely f*cking tuff. if they don't like it, treat them like fireworks: in the right time and place, set their fuse, light it and retire to a safe distance...
telling people things they need to know is an obligation. oblige me. much obliged.

after messy attempts to learn complicated web languages it dawned on me what my cousin mentioned, why not just use what you did last time?? just like powerful computers, we don't always need more advanced platforms, but higher quality content, nothing wrong with old ways in a new style.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Plug+Play 2 Canceled

canceled, sorry for any inconvenience, it's unavoidable. will

Monday, 22 September 2008

New ideas and new music

how are we lovely bright people? was monday mourning worse than you expected? no fear, i, this humble narrator shall conjure words, warm hearts and soothe soles. so:
2econd class citizen: now he's jamin' with the big boys where he belongs.
Feeling lost: its easy to stop and suddenly realize you're not sure what to do. like depression, it's not feeling 'bad' but feeling truly lost, alone in total darkness without light. when you find light or if someone finds you, when you leave that place, then "wow, to be free and back with the world!" is how i felt. i believe troubles are important things because to never question anything, never to be lost, never to despair; is perhaps to never have lived. Robert Frost wrote:
"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."
The road not taken 1920.
Wobble factor: new album by dave tipper released in may includes some really, really well produced material. 'off kilter' and 'snot rocket' are two of my favorites. for those of you who don't know, tipper is a treat for the mind and ears. check out the album 'tip hop' for starters and get your head nodding more than a churchil dog in the back of an army land rover... cor im really enjoying these metaphors today.
Brian: 'dangerous Brian' has become a music tech student. congratulations Brian.
Facebook: it seems i can't delete my facebook account, only suspend it. i 'reactivated' my facebook account after 4 months to find it just how i left it; bland, uninteresting and plastered with advertising.
Nikola Tesla: Wiki link "The man who invented the twentieth century" from whom i take my alias.
Mr Shiraz: played in holmfirth picturedrome sunday 21st september for an 18th birthday. a great bunch of performers and really down to earth guys (when in holmfirth....try not to ask "so who's in the pies"....)

Feng Shui: The last 4 days i've been feng shui, my home. based on the I Ching, the oldest book known to man, has already made a big difference to me and made me feel more relaxed and energized.
Coconut water: considering the fact i don't like coconut, recently drinking canned coconut water was very nice.
RSS: RSS or RSS feeds are a method of receiving specific instant updates delivered to your computer from a website of your choosing, with RSS on you don't need to check your favourite websites to be updated. Tezla blog is now running RSS feed, its simple, free, located on the top right of the main page, and there's never any advertising: Tezla Feed RSS
Learning: Today i met my college art teacher again after 3 or 4 years. we talked for an hour about friends, art, and the sincere belief to inspire people. Milton Wexler said:
"A great many people come to me hoping they can change themselves, settle their anxieties, their problems, their marriage or whatever… When an artist comes to me, he wants to know how to change the world."
taken from Sketches of Frank Gehry 2005 by the late Sydney Pollack. Sketches of Frank Gehry 2005 DVD is a good review:
Finally: if it helps leave a comment, thanks.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


the world is equally positive, equally negative. when someone dies, someone is born.
all things considered this is a reasonable way to look at the world. Work, rest and play are part of life, anything else is circumstance, an influence, envy. I don't read the papers or watch the TV news, to watch all the news everyday i'd liken this to traveling through a city on the train, then saying id been there. The world is fantastic, and never the same ever. there is never "nothing going on".
"every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around" and everything, everybody does really matters, try and be happy, it's the way worth living.
oh yeah: any skateboarders out there still listening to hip hop, or is it just me and the strictly emo/indie-tight trousered?

Friday, 12 September 2008

New music

new tunes on ipod-right:
Killah priest- from now till then, thinkhop
Quip- greenroommix, local producer:
I5 quarter- album mix local boys alex, liam, and i forget the other member. contact for services, they are both cutting edge producers, music performance, an a banging good time.
Tezla mix- rough promo, for promoters or all gatherings small to ridiculous, chilled to hectic.
I believe in love- human league, classics never go out, wiseguys say otherwise.

Monday, 8 September 2008


this blog thing aint doin it for me.

ya ya, this, that. so i got my own site now. mine. im learning xml, html, java, sql, php, css. i never realised how complicated it is to make websites properly. boring, boring to make websites.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Saffron Walden skatepark Cambridge

Above is a video of my skate round arguably the best skatepark in England. This park was built by Dreamland, a legendary Oregon based company. This is the only park they have built in England and only the third in Europe. There is one in Italy and a massive park in the mountains in Austria which is supposed to surpass the bowl in Marseilles, France, which is absolutely ace- i recommend a skateboard pilgrimage. it's really important that fantastic skate parks get built in England. It encourages young people to get outside, exercise and socialize with open minded people, an opportunity to become part of a "global skate family." Good quality parks are safer, less dangerous e.g. smooth surfaces so you can keep the skin on your elbows and hands when you fall. Badly made/maintained skate parks are dangerous, frustrating, become damaged easily and usually cause more problems than they solve.

It's important to be aware that most problems associated with skate parks ie excessive rubbish, drug-taking, vandalism etc are usually not caused by skateboarders, BMXers or rollerbladers, but young people who visit and hang around giving the skate community a bad reputation. Skateboarders, BMXers and rollerbladers i've met around the world: France, Canada, Spain, Scotland, Jersey, Wales- are usually fantastic people. its never been a better time to learn. personally i'd recommend a helmet at first. and treat the skatepark like crossing the road- with respect. click the link for some more information UK Skate Association

i've been looking for the opportunity to hold skateboard classes (for all ages and abilities) at Greenhead Park skate park Huddersfield, if enough people are interested, weather permitting. get in contact if you're interested. When i began going to Rehab skatepark 10 years ago it was mandatory to pass a test to be able to skate.
you can visit the dreamland website by clicking here Dreamland Skateparks

Saturday, 6 September 2008


hmmm. its all getting a bit serious and preachy. i intend to get back to the program. good quality occasionally light-hearted nonsense, with good bits mixed in: like a good radio station. hmmm yes, did i mention i like cables. dont throw out your cables, give them to me, and i shall smile. i also like £5 notes, Barr cream soda, and big sandwiches.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Checkin in

Checkin' in for the check out, searched out compassion, it seems it's all out. Even as the righteous, im shrouded in doubt, no coming back to your real world, i scream and i shout.
i've done what i could, now i've no discipline left, a piece of stone behind where was a heart in my chest. "Head up, you'll go far, you have the world at your feet,"
and above is the surface as i drown in my dreams. So i hit the floor, wake, when i fall from the sky, a fallen angel as such: i know how to die. It's not an adventure it's a return to the earth, to pretend it's the place that i love and have worth. I've been here before and i know the score, sign up or not, it feels like a war. if the earth were different, if we were at peace, if anyone anywhere could walk down the street, then it wouldn't be real and you wouldn't be human beings. just check in for the check out, you will see what i mean.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

War, Inc

An intelligent and successful satire, a response to american, and more significantly corporate policy in the destruction of lives in oil rich countries, then sadistically tendering reconstruction to the highest american bidder. All under the illusion of democracy, freedom and the protection of the fatherland.
nuances of Grosse Pointe Blank very welcome, i look forward to more John and Joan Cusack.

Monday, 1 September 2008

How about this

I am educated. In languages that allow me to listen, but also to talk and explain:
If everything is ruled by one fundamental force, it is life. Life itself is governed by energy. At this point, is this not true? So...
Who has the energy? Energy is physically stored. stored in potential. resonating in the present, and, predicted for the future. Power is human will. the will to act. if i act and stand unequivocated, do something and not run away but stand without a quiver in my mind then i am more powerful than anything around me. i am acting without direction, not a puppet on a string, but pure energy in physical form, which is without right or wrong.
to be strong means absolution. I absolutely believe. Not because it is what i have been told, but because there is no other explanation after study, practice and personal experience. Everything is ruled by energy. Energy is power. Money is potential. Cars, Houses, rings, weapons are all potential. They represent potential.
True power is right here, right now. I have a shopping bags in my hand but I am standing in front of a tank, which can smash my body into the ground but i will not move, YOU WILL NOT MOVE ME.
i don't care about your car, your money, your media or your religion. i'm here for good.
by the way he didn't stop the tanks in Tiananmen, they smashed him into the floor.