Friday, 1 August 2008

A Dark Night, A Dark morning: Film review: "The Dark Knight"

Will Johnson Film review:

"Im a geek, a right geek!"
i say to John sat next to me:
well geeks know what they like, and usually know what they are talking about. Christopher Nolan directs this cast with familiar actors to him and the world. The cream of the cream in my opinion. Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Micheal Caine, Morgan Freeman and Heath Ledger. This film is fantastic, on every level. so was director Nolan's first film "Following" compelling, involving and dramatic. "The Prestige" about the war between two magicians in the time of Nicolas Tesla is cinema magic.
Crisp special effects, the greatest actors of our time working with one of the greatest directors. To quote the film:
"better to die a hero than live to be a villain"
Heath Ledger died during the filming, he played the joker in the film. His portrayal is horrifying, but at the same time delicate like a Coen brothers script. His final film is a tribute to a hero, and inspiration to us all. like Bruce Lee, Buddy Holly, JFK, John Lennon or any hero this century he becomes one of mine.
Ok, it cost £6.80 to get in to the cinema. it was worth it.

so onto this morning: if anybody feels like giving ANY member of british railways services a horrible day, feel free to do it, then to blame it on me, ill be happy to take the wrap. my empathy goes out to anyone trying to use UK trains, past present and future. buy a punch bag, do some origami, but don't punch the fat guy telling you you cant catch your train because he says so! (you were afraid fat man i saw it in your eyes....welcome to august)