Monday, 22 September 2008

New ideas and new music

how are we lovely bright people? was monday mourning worse than you expected? no fear, i, this humble narrator shall conjure words, warm hearts and soothe soles. so:
2econd class citizen: now he's jamin' with the big boys where he belongs.
Feeling lost: its easy to stop and suddenly realize you're not sure what to do. like depression, it's not feeling 'bad' but feeling truly lost, alone in total darkness without light. when you find light or if someone finds you, when you leave that place, then "wow, to be free and back with the world!" is how i felt. i believe troubles are important things because to never question anything, never to be lost, never to despair; is perhaps to never have lived. Robert Frost wrote:
"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."
The road not taken 1920.
Wobble factor: new album by dave tipper released in may includes some really, really well produced material. 'off kilter' and 'snot rocket' are two of my favorites. for those of you who don't know, tipper is a treat for the mind and ears. check out the album 'tip hop' for starters and get your head nodding more than a churchil dog in the back of an army land rover... cor im really enjoying these metaphors today.
Brian: 'dangerous Brian' has become a music tech student. congratulations Brian.
Facebook: it seems i can't delete my facebook account, only suspend it. i 'reactivated' my facebook account after 4 months to find it just how i left it; bland, uninteresting and plastered with advertising.
Nikola Tesla: Wiki link "The man who invented the twentieth century" from whom i take my alias.
Mr Shiraz: played in holmfirth picturedrome sunday 21st september for an 18th birthday. a great bunch of performers and really down to earth guys (when in holmfirth....try not to ask "so who's in the pies"....)

Feng Shui: The last 4 days i've been feng shui, my home. based on the I Ching, the oldest book known to man, has already made a big difference to me and made me feel more relaxed and energized.
Coconut water: considering the fact i don't like coconut, recently drinking canned coconut water was very nice.
RSS: RSS or RSS feeds are a method of receiving specific instant updates delivered to your computer from a website of your choosing, with RSS on you don't need to check your favourite websites to be updated. Tezla blog is now running RSS feed, its simple, free, located on the top right of the main page, and there's never any advertising: Tezla Feed RSS
Learning: Today i met my college art teacher again after 3 or 4 years. we talked for an hour about friends, art, and the sincere belief to inspire people. Milton Wexler said:
"A great many people come to me hoping they can change themselves, settle their anxieties, their problems, their marriage or whatever… When an artist comes to me, he wants to know how to change the world."
taken from Sketches of Frank Gehry 2005 by the late Sydney Pollack. Sketches of Frank Gehry 2005 DVD is a good review:
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