Thursday, 4 September 2008

Checkin in

Checkin' in for the check out, searched out compassion, it seems it's all out. Even as the righteous, im shrouded in doubt, no coming back to your real world, i scream and i shout.
i've done what i could, now i've no discipline left, a piece of stone behind where was a heart in my chest. "Head up, you'll go far, you have the world at your feet,"
and above is the surface as i drown in my dreams. So i hit the floor, wake, when i fall from the sky, a fallen angel as such: i know how to die. It's not an adventure it's a return to the earth, to pretend it's the place that i love and have worth. I've been here before and i know the score, sign up or not, it feels like a war. if the earth were different, if we were at peace, if anyone anywhere could walk down the street, then it wouldn't be real and you wouldn't be human beings. just check in for the check out, you will see what i mean.