Sunday, 7 September 2008

Saffron Walden skatepark Cambridge

Above is a video of my skate round arguably the best skatepark in England. This park was built by Dreamland, a legendary Oregon based company. This is the only park they have built in England and only the third in Europe. There is one in Italy and a massive park in the mountains in Austria which is supposed to surpass the bowl in Marseilles, France, which is absolutely ace- i recommend a skateboard pilgrimage. it's really important that fantastic skate parks get built in England. It encourages young people to get outside, exercise and socialize with open minded people, an opportunity to become part of a "global skate family." Good quality parks are safer, less dangerous e.g. smooth surfaces so you can keep the skin on your elbows and hands when you fall. Badly made/maintained skate parks are dangerous, frustrating, become damaged easily and usually cause more problems than they solve.

It's important to be aware that most problems associated with skate parks ie excessive rubbish, drug-taking, vandalism etc are usually not caused by skateboarders, BMXers or rollerbladers, but young people who visit and hang around giving the skate community a bad reputation. Skateboarders, BMXers and rollerbladers i've met around the world: France, Canada, Spain, Scotland, Jersey, Wales- are usually fantastic people. its never been a better time to learn. personally i'd recommend a helmet at first. and treat the skatepark like crossing the road- with respect. click the link for some more information UK Skate Association

i've been looking for the opportunity to hold skateboard classes (for all ages and abilities) at Greenhead Park skate park Huddersfield, if enough people are interested, weather permitting. get in contact if you're interested. When i began going to Rehab skatepark 10 years ago it was mandatory to pass a test to be able to skate.
you can visit the dreamland website by clicking here Dreamland Skateparks