Thursday, 25 September 2008

the seams

In Toronto a guy said to me, "ah yes, i know Yorkshire. it's a good place to be from"
there's no inspiration here, thoughts and feelings are locked up, and ANY strange behavior, flair or flamboyance is looked down on. in 5 years or so when there's much more students the divide is going to get more severe: "us and the students" a 'we belong here and you lot don't' mentality, which is fair enough. i agree, generally students move in, f*ck everything up, then leave. but it's now government policy that every young person should be one. in the name of equality and P.C. everything has become absolutely insane. unlivable. while the last generation fights hard to save it, the next to destroy, us here an now should not waste our energy when it's strongest. the rest of the world need our talents, this little island doesn't.
whats the solution? well what about more advanced countries, Greece or Finland for example. In Greece university is free and so are the course books and material. In Finland they teach the children several languages instead of xenophobia. In Switzerland EVERY civilian is legally obliged to own 1 rifle per household. This rifle must be operational and every resident should know how to shoot it. In China everyone gets up on a saturday or sunday morning, goes to the local park and practices Tai Chi. In Australia they know how to play rugby and cricket, instead of just inventing it, then importing players to compensate as kids are indoors, too lazy too bored.
somethings are more important than politics, and since when was our politics been correct? 1910 just before WW1 when everyone was lovin' it get smashed out their faces on high quality unprohibited legal substances. smash it up, tidy up, cctv for your safety and protection...i feel safer that you were watching when i got a beating on the train, now i feel safer in the NHS hospital that tragically, is free. Perhaps it's time for a dictator? A dictator to dictate while i write down everything we need to do on an electronic piece of paper, which can then be viewed or ignored by the general public worldwide.
England has been sliding down the plughole for decades, like a spider, it's just not going to get out. it should be used as a precautionary model, like the 'titanic'
i live here because right now i have no choice. if you own a place give us a lift, otherwise when there's more than £1 in my bank accounts i'm gone when the wind changes.
such conversations help us both, and in turn everyone else. without pubs and community they're lost, in turn so are we. most people really don't like hearing certain things, and absolutely:
absolutely f*cking tuff. if they don't like it, treat them like fireworks: in the right time and place, set their fuse, light it and retire to a safe distance...
telling people things they need to know is an obligation. oblige me. much obliged.