Friday, 10 October 2008

Bombin' Hills

Bomb Hills not cities. It's skateboard slang for 'leggin it' down massive hills. This is one of the things i love most, and i try and do it every day. In fact i'd rather hope someone fast enough would give me a 2mile downhill race (shortboard, longboard's too safe and its cheating.) Anyway i just wanted to share that last night, it was 12am, quiet and peaceful, i was cruising down a well lit street straight New Hey Road with bright clothes and a torch on my arm, relaxing at the left side of the road, left side of the lane. I clocked a car coming the other way 150ft away and checked behind, i turned round and a green saloon is on the other side of the road screaming right at me, i drift on to the yellow lines the car travelling 50mph me 25 and he's playing chicken. Its the second time in three nights. ooooooo, i really hope one of these guys give me the chance to stop and throw my board at their windscreen, chicken shits, how big do you have to be to drive at someone in a car when he's on a skateboard??? i mean come on?! what does it take to drive at a skateboarder? nothing: a car, small dick, two feet and two hands. it takes alot of bottle to stay on a skateboard when a car's driving at you. Fellow motorists be warned, if you try it on with this guy, miss me and i get half a chance- i'm breaking your car, THEN your face and your mates fingers....CRACKK goes the fingers, pop goes the knee joint.

Seriously though: if you want a fight get your fists out and stand tall, do not use cars, dogs or all your friends to intimidate people. If you do then you are a loser and sooner or later you're gunna pick on someone like me, and not going to enjoy yourself. peac+ peeps