Monday, 17 November 2008

Empty pocket, empty mind

For the most part Beijing people have very little material possessions in comparison with english people, for the most part they seem all the better for it. those without are not lusting for something, those with, are not lusting for even more. nobody takes drugs and few people drink alcohol and nobody is left wanting. dotted round most residential areas are exercise machines for stretching exercise to improve health and it's not unfamiliar to see 60year old women with their leg up stretching above waist level ("im too old for that!" just ain't cutting it folks.) right here and now in this place; an empty pocket, an empty mind. absense of thought is a blessing that many philosophers strive for and animals have by default.
you have ipods, cars, televisions and you're still not happy.
"When the cup is full, pouring more tea will not help a thing." (w.j.) First realise you have everything you need, then try and realise it's only yourself that needs to change, not the size of your television. improve your 'mental aesthetic'- autumn cleaning. yep