Friday, 19 December 2008

Bad day

A really bad day and in my mind the world tumbles
Hard day:forgetaboutitbrushitoff
doesn't really work. i want to shout! moan... complain;,. and BREAK something.
any rhetoric or mantra makes about as much difference as a hippie in a war zone.
Suffice to say this...there is very little one can understand in this world when preoccupied with yourself. multiple combinations of everything going wrong happens, it's very difficult not to break out the violin and play a sad song wallowing in self pity. when dejected try and calm yourself and when elated try and do the same. the reason:
are you really the reason? does your bad day have anything to do with your actions? if so improve them, otherwise 'cest la vie', this is life. it's a hard thing for an ego to deal with, and an ego is a difficult thing to understand, the question is simple:
"does my bad day have anything to do with me?" if i'm walking down the road and get driven into, then fall on the stairs because it's slippery. reach the work place to find out my work is cancelled for the day and i was not informed. does this have anything to do with me? did i make those stairs slippery? was i responsible? did i erroniously walk into the road or was the driver a muppet reversing into a main street and not watching anything?
try not to take everything personally, the real challenge is to understand what is trivial and what is important. some things are matters of fate; matters beyond personal control should be understood as just that. if all else fails buy several kgs of rice in fabric casing and punch through it repeatedly. keep your back straight and use your whole body exhaling on impact.