Thursday, 29 January 2009

Fresh food

Fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables from the local market, fresh haddock straight from the local Yorkshire dock. twice the quality than at the supermarket and less than half the price. great taste, no preservatives. the supermarkets have taken the opportunity to sell higher priced, lower quality food. believe we must pay more because of weak Sterling, strong Euro, inflation, recession, believe and it comes true. prices have not risen on my local market, unlike in every 'super'market. we as consumers have the power, we, with every penny we spend not only influence, but control the order of our world. if we choose to buy locally, choose to buy from local markets then they get stronger. it is frustrating to hear complaint from people who resign. people resign to something off in the future, that future becomes present only because people think they have no choice. it's a pre facto rationalisation. you cannot change the future because it doesn't and will never exist. what we do now is everything, it is the only thing that alters the world we live in. our food supply is a most important thing. we are in charge. believe it. i believe in this country, i believe in my people. day in, day out i see mundane actions performed with effortless skill, i see people with immesurable power, kindness and humility. simultaneously i feel the sadness that has taken us. the sadness blinds us from what is truly important in life, replacing it with 'things'. These 'things' we must get more of, have more of, all in vain. In vain because human spirit cannot be substituted, we need each other, not each others 'things'. lets work smarter, not harder, lets be good to each other instead of the corporations.