Sunday, 11 January 2009


To be reaffirmed is important, true affirmation relies on sincerity and premeditation. That is to say if you feel comforted or someone shares your opinion it's important that you care and important that you are thinking in a balanced way. Having just finished a late conversation (4.53am) i feel reaffirmed. I spoke with several swedish people about things we consider important. We also spoke about China, politics, food and philosophy among other things.

I do not know what good would come of me explaining our opinions to others, for we are here and have qualified our thoughts and feelings, and our experience is just that. But i do write to render my reaffirmation of respect for Scandanavia and affirmation that there are 'no roads to nowhere'. Good and bad are dualistic matters of morality; to venture into the world and do something new is a brave thing. Peace is strength and violence is for the weak. cest la vie mes amis