Monday, 2 February 2009


i myself have been using skateparks for over 10 years and i think it is an excellent investment for young people to take up a sport or lifestyle that will help them develop their bodies and their minds. as a rollerblader and skateboarder i am part of an international community of like minded talented individuals. what does irritate me is that some councils spend thousands of pounds building some skateparks as cheap as humanly possible. drilling a hole in the concrete to solve poor drainage issues makes about as much sense as going to an indian restaurant and ordering a burger and chips.

the young gentlemen informs me "they put a hole here somewhere"

today i walked 6 miles in the fresh cool crisp air. educated three students in the use of superior firepower and guerilla technique during a snowball fight. made winter photographs, then drank tea and discussed the 21st century with my Uncle. we agreed that certain things are rather good, like walking, England, Scotland and drinking tea. Happy Birthday Graham.