Friday, 26 June 2009

Wakefield skatepark

Wakefield skatepark: it's brilliant. it isn't full of huge over-facing ramps that would scare away a rottweiler, it has got all the little idiosyncrasies that make a fantastic skatepark. micro ramps for learning tricks, spines, extensions, transfers and a three section bowl for those with more skills. after several visits i'm still finding new lines. this park raises the bar for skatepark standards in England, just as Penzance and Saffron Walden do. the park gets quite busy with younger people from about 15.40 to 19.00 and also at the weekends, but the park has a great atmosphere, a pleasant change from Hyde Park skatepark in Leeds. thanks to Wakefield council Yorkshire now has a skatepark to be proud of. "abat time too!"