Friday, 25 September 2009


if you go to the end of the blog, the first post states my desire for this blog to be an interactive thing, an online autonomous platform for people who wanted it, for people to share ideas rather than just read about mine. this is still the case.
well i held up my end, the blogs now been running 15 months and 2 days. i don't want to dilute quality for the sake of more content, i already heavily censor my own posts because i think people have enough to read. however, i think there is only so much one person can say.

i'd like people to submit material of a inspirational, empowering and/or reflective nature. the things that happen or happened in a zen state, totally in the present, when nothing else mattered. managable file sizes please to my e-mail address (at the top of the blog). quality is the keyword. i'd particularly like work from Lee J, Liam Raby, Ben Simpson, Phil Clarke-Hill, Ben Eyes, Laurence Jackson, Ben Rowarth, John Fawcett, Kim W, Gordon, Andy Davies, Matthew Tyas, Sally J, Alex Stewart, Liz B, Jennie, Dougal, Scott, Mikey, Rob, Vanessa, Glenn, Paul Walker, John Standeven, K, Abda Rahim, Adam Melton, Kano, Andy Clegg, Rob Horrocks, Brian Sykes, Nancy M, Colin Thompson, Dan The Hat, Layla, Fran, Desert Storm Will and James, Unj, Tom Evans, Caroline, Si, Tim, Sarantis, Greg, Immi, Will Sampson, Jay, Ryan, Justin, Lucas, Kia, Keon, Munkee Dave, Nat, Nicole, Paddy, Patrick G, Rob Cooper, Jim, Rob Snell, Rosie Brice, Emily, Sam Busey, Sarantis, Nicola, Liz Ainge, and Dan Wilson.

audio, image, video, text, all formats. play to your strengths. i know somewhere at some point at some time someone has made or is making something (even if you don't). If Leonardo was a thinker, Michealangelo was a doer. i think a bit of both is important. everyone can contribute something old or new. all groups, individuals, and artists retain the rights to their own material, but volunteer it for publication. you're in safe hands. if you didn't see me off or turn up for my first public birthday in 8 years, or did but without a drink or without even a card? gimme the best you got. please understand this is not about me. it never was and that was the whole point. it's not my blog, it's bigger and more important: it's ours. this is an opportunity for this global collective to throw in their 5 sense.