Wednesday, 25 November 2009


yeah i'd like a light fruity red please. i'm sold a 14% wine for £10 that's as weak and delicate as a pit-bull terrier.

it goes without saying the 3 months i have spent in Melbourne are not enough to discover the scene there is here. there are some great restaurants, cafes, bars and shops, but how is that different from any other cultural capital? for me it isn't. being from Yorkshire and living in Melbourne was like living a long way away from home without being anywhere different. Melbourne has some cutting edge things but nothing truly amazing, except the public transport system and screw-top beer bottles although the actual beer in the bottles is terrible and alcohol everywhere is extremely expensive, think upwards of £6 a pint.

so in a few hours i take a long flight back home. England... well... it's cold and wet, but the water is good, the alcohol is cheap and the internet is fast. so when it's been a cold wet day i go home, have a cup of tea or a beer from anywhere in Europe for a £1 and feel a bit better about everything. i can eat the best meat and vegetables. i can listen to the best music on the best sound systems in the world. i can switch the radio off when bob dylan starts his radio 2 show, then switch on my computer and use the internet at a speed that doesn't make me think it's 1999.

if nothing else, every 10,000 miles i travel i like to think i learn another lesson. maybe this one is that i should start going on holiday instead of trying to leave the country.