Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Never Back Down

'Never Back Down' was a film released last year that i just finished watching. i would summarise the film as 'Karate Kid for a fast food generation' ie a little less Japanese philosophy and a little more fighting. the film isn't groundbreaking, and at times it's so corny that it's difficult to watch. so, this should beg the question as to why i'm writing about it at all. well i am because in the film are questions raised that we all face in life at one time or another and in one form or another and in this film in the end they get the message right.

as you may know big questions are a big interest for me and so are martial arts. in my opinion such things are only interesting in movies as a theme if they address the question 'why learn martial arts?' and ultimately answer or offer insight regarding their true philosophy. From my limited understanding and what i hope is the attitude for the major martial arts worldwide is that to learn martial arts is to learn something with fundamental benevolence. to learn how to better oneself and to become a stronger and healthier person for the greater good and a better world. as you may know this is also a big interest for me.

you may ask "how can studying about fighting benefit the world?"

well my answer is: "if we purge the fear of each other from our minds we gain a better understanding of ourselves. we can calm our aggression, deflate our egos and move closer to the true nature of the self. with an attitude that violence is weak, martial arts give us the means with which to fight evil and injustice, but the direction to avoid fighting each other"

'martial arts' and 'martial sports' are two different things:
martial sports are the things that are broadcast on the television and taught at your local fitness gym for fitness. martial sports are in my opinion an attempt to make clear the distinction that these are things learnt for health of the body rather than lethal killing techniques, while often martial sport ends up being an ironic contradiction as the popularised violence that is sold to us and broadcast into our living rooms.

our abilities to talk and reason with each other are our most special and sadly most under appreciated qualities as human beings. in becoming strong, we lessen the need to fight, increase our ability to see strength and merit in others and encourage opportunities for real peace and prosperity. as 'to make an enemy a friend is to vanquish the powers of destruction'

in case you didn't get all that from the film 'Never back Down' i thought i would write it all down :) +