Sunday, 21 February 2010


Have you got back after a few beers poured yourself a glass of tap water, drank some and thought
"ahhh i'll take the hangover, cos this water is worse"
Have you been on the underground with two different people standing on your feet with the sound of the train on the tracks so loud it feels like being the victim in a horror film?
Have i got anything less insightful to say about London that hasn't been said so many times by Northern English people that it misses the point more than a space hopper on a bouncy castle?
yes i do:
one thing travelling does do is broaden your context of thought. One thing that London is, is interesting, very very interesting. i am here for a reason other than passing through or as a tourist. while there are things i would love to dislike about this city it's the same issues that exist in many other large cities in varying degrees in some shape or form.
i think the important thing is to get over oneself and focus on what London has to offer. what it has are people, things, ideas and places that are truly unique and fascinating, set in a seemingly infinite diversity of ethnicity, culture and probability of possiblity.

i would disagree with the meaning in the proverb: "variety is the spice of life"
i believe:
"variety is as important to the mind as breathing is to the body"