Sunday, 31 August 2008


Left: Me, a long pointy ledge, bluntslide. Photo by Lee with a Hassleblad death lens (ultra fish-eye) the Rolls Royce of camera setups. Cheers Lee, summat to show the kids when im old, can't walk, and can bluntslide no more... my feet can fail me now.!..

I also spent some time in Cambridge. Barrington and Shepreth to be specific, the type of place where it feels like the "Wind in the Willows" as if transported back to a time surrounded by thatched roofs, odd shaped ornately decorated houses and shops, winding roads and... well... rich people. Perhaps the type that truly are rich. Not, "Im rich mate!" bought a small sports car, a boob job for the Mrs, got "loud and in peoples face rich." Rich like a country cottage, spandex cycling on a sunday, kids in the private school, two cars in the pebbled lane, fresh skate on the barby, out in San Morino on a roulette binge, trying not to cringe as they tow the Bentley away at 6am.