Monday, 1 September 2008

How about this

I am educated. In languages that allow me to listen, but also to talk and explain:
If everything is ruled by one fundamental force, it is life. Life itself is governed by energy. At this point, is this not true? So...
Who has the energy? Energy is physically stored. stored in potential. resonating in the present, and, predicted for the future. Power is human will. the will to act. if i act and stand unequivocated, do something and not run away but stand without a quiver in my mind then i am more powerful than anything around me. i am acting without direction, not a puppet on a string, but pure energy in physical form, which is without right or wrong.
to be strong means absolution. I absolutely believe. Not because it is what i have been told, but because there is no other explanation after study, practice and personal experience. Everything is ruled by energy. Energy is power. Money is potential. Cars, Houses, rings, weapons are all potential. They represent potential.
True power is right here, right now. I have a shopping bags in my hand but I am standing in front of a tank, which can smash my body into the ground but i will not move, YOU WILL NOT MOVE ME.
i don't care about your car, your money, your media or your religion. i'm here for good.
by the way he didn't stop the tanks in Tiananmen, they smashed him into the floor.