Monday, 18 August 2008

Unity Day 2008

All over for another year. Overall a good day in my opinion. However, things worth noting:
1. people will be people, assaults, random violence, thievery, may have happened but to very few people.
2. huge, endless amounts of rubbish covered the entire park at the end, the park was pretty clean even at 4pm during the same day.
3. too much amplified music in my opinion, leaving 4 sound systems to seemingly battle each other for volume after night fall in the top field, in what appeared to me, and others to simply resemble a free-for-all rave in the park.
4. exterior generator tripped out several times leaving exterior lighting all round the park switched off for long periods of time during the night.
5. unity day finished at 11pm, two years ago it finished at 9pm, before it got dark, giving people and families more opportunity to leave before nightfall, and less opportunity to get up to no good or become victims of mayhem.
1. halve the amplified music.
2. finish the festival BEFORE nightfall.
3. more litter points.
4. more acoustic music, amplified or otherwise: IDM and Gabba DO NOT promote peace and unity, sorry, they don't and i love them both.
finally to say a very well done to everyone involved in helping with the event, you know who you are, and all those who attended, or contributed in any part. its a positive thing. my photos will be online soon. also thanks to all high vis officials who all seemed to be working hard.
will j.