Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Welcome home /= drone

Well, 1000miles driven, 750 over two days. working my ass off for other people, at times made to look like a fool, to come home after a week, have less money than ever, a parking ticket for parking outside my own house and two letters:
1. electricity bill,
2. the police vs william johnson
arrrrrrrr!!!!! i can't stand all this bullshit, working harder and harder to owe more and more money. let's all just get jobs in factories making boxes, to hold the books university students don't read because they're out getting pissed, so that everybody can be equal, paying 80% tax on their drinks that finances the widescreen TV in the police station and the video camera on the ceiling which can incriminate me, but which won't exonerate.
when all hope is lost and people give up their passions and stop trying to save the world, what happens? I believe most just drown in apathy, and become the things they always dreamed of never being. subservient, suppressed and accommodating:
"now is not the time for the debilitating drug of gradualism" martin luther king
its not society, its not us, its not: "well that's just the way the world is"
when a person believes in an order from someone without question, they are capable of anything, they are no longer a human being with morals, but a tool in another person's hand. recollect the royal navy advertisement:
"Who wants to become a cog in the machine? Well, that depends on the machine!"
the royal navy doesn't save people, they kill people. the army, the airforce, the military: KILL people. the royal lifeboats save people, cancer research saves people, actionaid save people, these organisations are all charities, they receive nothing from the government, but everything from us, the people. the military receives without question, to finance murder and death. a bullet is still a bullet, whether from a soldier or from a gangster, a gangster merely has less members and less money.
murder, rape, missing, crash, death, fear, hate. SORRY bullshit. its not my world, it has nothing to do with me. another soldier dies: so fucking what? how many orphans did he create? fathers did he murder, wives widow. im sick of this blind patriotism. soldiers die because they run around with guns in someone elses land, trying to save the world, BECAUSE someone TOLD them to. safe- to keep from harm. gun- a weapon designed to wound and kill people. only non-violence matters, it is the only credibility.
the news, the media, is a sedative, to steal my righteous mind.
beauty, liberation, birth, sunrise, emancipation, love. this is real, as real as my dreams, which are as real as day to day life. i'm not trying to be a revolutionary, asking you to go on strike shouting injustice, but a person asking people to try and find the truth. life isn't horrible. it is no more full of death and destruction than its full of life and creation.
what is a knife? a knife is a tool. it becomes a weapon when used as one, the same as a bat or a hammer. if YOU and me keep absorbing all this hate and lies, you could become a weapon in someone elses hand. like your mind, keep your knife sharp, it cuts vegetables better and seals in freshness. instead of reading the newspaper, KNOWING its all bullshit but reading it anyway- Don't pick it up. please, write blogs, books, draw pictures, make photos, videos. its never been easier:
"page 1: it was raining today. in the afternoon it cleared up. my yorkshire weather, like teenage emotion changes so fast, but is never boring or predictable and always leaves something to talk about."