Friday, 5 December 2008

To our common ancestors

"And so i offer the prayer to our common ancestors on behalf of those seeking to recover themselves from the rubble of modernity as they seek to work their way toward being elders of the new post-modern tribal order:
'May the spirits of every pertinent direction take notice of their heart's desire.
May the forces below pump strength into their feet- that they walk the walk of their life, the walk that heals the wounded truth of their bellies and keeps the eyes of their memory open so they can grow ni yang maru.
May the ancestral fuel burn in their spiritual veins and animate their souls with vision so they can hold hands ni yang maru.
As they walk toward their future.
May they wake up fast to the dialogue between the soul and the spirit.
And may they labor to clean the world from its paralyzing epidemic of soul barrenness so that tomorrow our children can sing together in peace.'" (Malidoma Some)