Tuesday, 1 September 2009


i've been having these really vivid dreams lately, last night i died. this has happened before, but this time, the dream continued and i wandered around in purgatory watching the world without me. maybe some dreams share similar themes, and maybe there is only so much we can learn or conclude from them. peoples' dreams interest me, but, in regards to some of mine, i think i would rather be asleep.

anecdotes and explanations of happenings can be useful and offer insight, in any case i prefer them to dogmatic and moralistic rigid judgements about what i, me or you should be doing. we can only compare the experiences we have or share, because they are always unique and highly personal. between the smallest of margins and most routine of regimes, are the idiosyncrasies of the unexplainable, the qi, ki, prana, the magic. maybe it's naive to think what cannot be seen or explained does not exist, as without mystery few things could be special.