Sunday, 13 September 2009


It's zone 1 and zone 2, the trains run regular and the fare is fair. today's ticket took me back to Frankston. at the end of the line it takes about an hour, but for the inconvenience 2 minutes east from the station is one of Australia's best skateparks, if that's not enough there's some great carrot cake at the station platform shop for the way back.

Many people in Melbourne are friendly although some do seem rather fragile. i've said hello to a few people and they've returned a look of terror like a face in the final rounds of a televised cash quiz show. the internet here is a bit faster than dial-up, and about £2 an hour in most places; painful. unlike anywhere else they have data caps so about 40gb a month will cost you about £22. painful for this download junkie.

Im now running a brand new macbook pro, and shooting in RAW. this is good :) skatepark footage to follow.