Sunday, 7 February 2010


Having stopped i'm quickly flanked to the left and right by two rather large unfriendly looking gentlemen,
"Why are you running?"
such a question would be strange in any normal high street but this is far from that. I'm standing in a ex military base called Christiania in the Danish capital city Copenhagen. The base was occupied 35 years ago and has since then established it's own independent community with its own rules. On the main street shops sell many varieties of wares and large mean looking blokes surround burning oil drum fires selling marijuana enforcing their own rules and regulations. Unbeknown to me (who had forgotten a skateboard) there is no running permitted in the street to avoid gun shootouts between rival gangs. In the cafe we ate organic vegan food then visited a bar and the free skatepark, a rather large and challenging double bowl.
A weekend in Copenhagen was a great experience. For me the city seemed mysterious, with a reserved but powerful feeling, inoffensive architecture, incredible food with vibrant arts and culture. i'll take another opportunity to thank my hosts until we meet again...