Wednesday, 10 March 2010

the end

it's usually difficult to understand the cryptic nature of the world.

this blog is finished. it's been running over 19 months and that is a big achievement for any person. i'm going to struggle to find another outlet for my creative endeavours, but i'm sure when i do i will be back with a higher quality and greater substance to what it is i want to say. i've become complacent with this and convenience breeds ignorance.

This, what this was, was never about telling people what to do. This, what it was, was about the idea that if you knew what i knew, maybe your life could be easier. Maybe with another idea, a bit of my opinion about the way i see this world you could walk the walk of your life a little easier and maybe avoid some of the glaciers that i've climbed my way out of, to come back and say "don't fall down there!"

of course i'm no pariah and this is certainly and never will be any form of religious or dogmatic text. i've taken a great amount of care and spent a large amount of energy in creating these pages, of which there are 227 posts which averages out to more than 3 posts a week for over 84 weeks.

personally i feel that this is the only thing i've managed to create of any kind of quality that i am actually comfortable with and i'm finishing it because it's not good enough.

this is my stage. so,

i will leave by saying that you shouldn't worry. you shouldn't ever worry. that anything you ever want or could ever want for yourself is achievable. but that thinking about the end will cause you trouble. the ends, the things we see people happy with, the things that we want for ourselves many years down the line take time. the most important thing to do for anyone is to decide. to decide and realise. to really understand what it is you want for yourself what it is you want to achieve to be, or to understand in this life. then, to do it.

doing it is not a daunting thing when you understand that a little every day will not only accomplish those dreams but accomplish everything you ever dreamed of. Rome wasn't built in a day, neither was it all destroyed in one day.

when things are difficult, which they always will be in a realistic world, you should reassure yourself that if you accomplish what you aim to do today, then the future is assured. even if you don't, then tomorrow is another day. take tremendous peace in that fact.

i've just taken an intermission, two Jehovahs Witnesses pressed my doorbell and came into my room. i took the time to take apart their philosophy and softly put important things in their heads. they were two young men on their way preaching what they believe to be their personal philosophy and i'm sorry it's so submissive for them. i've no doubt that they will think and that i've have changed their course of life for the better. what greater triumph?

the end is important in all things, and there's no greater challenge to an artist than decision, no greater volition for mankind than making the right choice.

with the greatest wishes i wish that you all understand and accomplish your personal ambitions.