Friday, 19 March 2010

the future

Hello my good friends.
You're all superstars and know a vast amount of people, and a vast amount of things across a vast amount of subjects. I'd like to play records and take photographs this year, all over the place (mainly uk also europe+scandanavia). Thoughts, advice, information, logistics, clubs, bars, cafes, festivals, promotion, vacancies, people to talk to, you're mate that owns a warehouse or a venue, costing, pricing, detailed concise specific experience and advice on all these things is what i need. my photographs and music are on this blog: soon to be improved and upgraded in the next two weeks.

in return i'll help in anyway i can with promotion/photography or participation in anything any of you have going. also if people register an interest i will set up and maintain a passworded blog/website that shares this information between us.

it is a long-term ambition of mine to unite the genius that you are into a strong creative community, to unite creative communities with the audience starved of quality and inspiration by mainstream prescriptive media... but first things first... i need your help.

many thanks,

Will Johnson